Dual-Career Network and Accelerator

We are committed to support Sportspeople during and after their Active Sport career. 

We work with Businesses to support their needs and add additional value for their work.  

For Athletes

Here you can find all our services avaialble for Sport Athletes in their active state or post-career transition

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For Coaches

No matter if you are a coach who is looking to shift the expertise or simply goin to business. 

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For Business

Find out how the Business could benefit from active or ex-athletes and what values you can extract for you.

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Getting ready for "Real-Life"

Services specialised for Athletes and Coaches who wants to switch their career or prepare for additional one.

Start up your own business & brand

If you wondering should you start your own business and how to eventually do this, this section is for you. Specialised resources for all Sport startups, support from professional consultants and Academics. 

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Every Athlete or Coach is carefully selected via Documents and Online Interview.